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Commercial Pressure Washing for your Roof:  Things to Consider

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It’s easy to let things go when we don’t see them – like that commercial roof clean you were considering last year.  Although it does prevent decay, and therefore prevent roof damage that might end up costing much more.  You know how preventative maintenance is important when it comes to changing the oil on your car to keep your engine working well, or eating your vegetables to keep your blood pressure down.  But what about preventative maintenance on your commercial property?  This deserves a second look, especially when a simple commercial pressure washing can help your roof stay intact for a longer period of time.

So before putting commercial pressure washing on the back burner again, you might want to consider the following facts…

  • Can you do it yourself? I had a neighbor tell me, “no need to hire somebody, just throw some bleach up there and hose it down”.   Yikes!  (I’m glad I didn’t listen to him.)  You really need the right type of chemicals that won’t leave marks on your roof or ruin your garden from the backwash.

Cleaning your own roof is no easy task.  Professionals are equipped with the right machinery and chemicals to ensure that the roof algae is properly removed and yet your landscape is left its original beautiful state.

  • Why is commercial roof cleaning important? It’s more than just a way to beautify your business (although statistics do show that commercial pressure washing can increase the value of your home or business structure by ten to fifteen thousand dollars!

pressure wash roofYou might notice those stains on your roof caused by algae and just hope that nobody will notice, but the real concern here is that roof algae is a living thing – feeding off the limestone filler in your roof shingles!  If you choose to ignore your commercial roof cleaning responsibilities, you can look forward to some pretty tough stuff:

  • You’ll wind up with higher electric bills, since the purpose of your roof shingles is to block UV rays.
  • You’ll wind up needing to replace your roof much sooner, which could cost $10,000 or more!
  • How much should you pay for a good commercial roof clean?

Usually, roofing contractors don’t overcharge, considering the type of dirty work involved.  The average cost of cleaning your roof is less than $500.  You’d probably save that much in a year’s time on your electric bill, not to mention saving the cost of replacing your roof!

  • How do you know when your roof needs cleaning?

You might think that it’s time to call the pressure washing guy when you see those ugly brown streaks… but actually, algae is invisible in the beginning stages.  Professionals suggest you get your roof inspected every three years.  Or, better yet, just plan on having a commercial pressure washing every three years.  Better safe than sorry!

Of course, when you make the decision on a thorough commercial roof clean, don’t cut corners by telling the guy to only wash down the soiled spots.  Best to get those invisible buggers, too!

  • What is the best method to clean your roof?

There’s high pressure washing and soft washing, with pros and cons on both ways:

  1. Commercial pressure washing with high-pressure equipment is effective; however, not recommended for shingle roofs. High pressure is a great way to release those grimy stains and algae on a concrete or metal roof.
  2. Soft washing is done with special eco-friendly chemicals designed to kill what’s eating your roof without damaging your shingles or landscape. Of course, your need to make sure your contractor know what he’s doing and is using the right kinds of chemicals that won’t be killing your shrubs!

Fortunately, your friends at Josh Power Wash LLC in northern Georgia can inspect your roof and offer a FREE estimate along with advice of what kind of commercial pressure washing is best for you.  We are now serving Dawsonville, Gainesville and Alpharetta, Georgia.

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