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 Exterior Cleaning Contractor in Cumming, Ga & Surrounding Areas.My name is Joshua Arvelo and I have over ten years of experience in the pressure washing industry.  As many of us do, I began my business working for a family member.  However, since the economy crash of 2008, Georgia began to look like a better business option, giving me the opportunity work close to my family.  As synchronicity would have it, pressure washing in Georgia soon appeared to be my life’s business calling.

I’m happy to have pursued my dream of working in the Cumming, Georgia area.  Now, after five years of operating a successful Georgia business, I’m confident that our soft washing technique, conceived in Florida, would rapidly grow in the Georgia area, despite the competition.  After perfecting our detailed house washing in Cumming, we’re now providing services to the commercial and industrial industry as well.

I’m happy to report now that we have been able to expand this business to roof cleaning as well as other areas, with state of the art roof-cleaning equipment.

Whether you’re looking to create a more healthful environment by cleaning out bacteria, mold, mildew and algae, or simply looking to remove damage by pressure washing your driveway, gutter, and removing stains, the experts at Josh Pressure Wash LLC are here to serve you.  Our results reveal the true beauty of your home – even including exterior winding washing!

We love seeing our customer’s happy… and happy they are, as our services prove to keep houses cleaner for a longer period of time.  That’s not just our opinion… we’ve actually conducted experiments over the years using different products from different sources.  That “secret sauce” we’ll be using on your property is the refined result of what we’ve discovered works best in the industry today.

Don’t be tricked into believing those “low cost” estimates, as they will no doubt wind up with hidden charges and less quality service.  When you allow Josh Pressure Wash LLC to provide you with a FREE estimate, you can look forward to receiving the very best value for your dollar.

Exterior cleaning with pressure washing can make your home worth more!  As stated by John Aust, President of National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, “A good first appearance on a home can add as much as five to ten percent to the value of the home.”  Pressure washing is the most cost effective type of restoration available to increase your home’s value and restore its natural beauty.  Even the wood on your deck can be restored to its original beauty with our soft-washing, staining and sealing technique.

Maintain the value of your home while adding curb appeal with Josh Pressure Wash LLC!